Who can apply?

Any individual may apply to insure themselves or another nominated person.


What does "term" mean?

An application may be made for any term of between 1 and 30 years. This is subject to the restriction that cover can only be extended to individuals who are under the age of 75 years old.


How long can the relevant term be on the Unilife Short Form Term Assurance policy?

The Unilife Short Form Term Assurance policy allows one to take a relevant term between 1 and 30 years in 1-year increments.


What currency can I pay my cover in?

Cover is available in US Dollars, British Pounds Sterling or in Euros. Please note that premiums must be paid in the same currency as the cover.


How can premiums be paid?

  • Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
  • Premiums can be paid by credit / debit card online.

What does guaranteed cover and guaranteed premium mean?

If premium payments are maintained throughout the policy period, the level of cover and premium are guaranteed for the relevant term.


What is underwriting?

The term "underwrite" generically means to sign and accept liability under an insurance policy, thus guaranteeing payment in case loss or damage occurs. To enable Unilife to decide to underwrite a life assurance policy, we require a certain amount of underwriting information. As part of your application, you will be required to answer questions about your health and lifestyle and may also be required to undergo a medical assessment.


What happens if my application for Short Form Term Assurance is declined?

In the unlikely event that your Short Form Term Assurance application requires additional information, you as the applicant will be forwarded a fully underwritten application form. Once the underwriting team has considered the application, medicals will be required, or the application will be denied upon submission of the application. Unilife will inform you, prior to the medicals, whether the application has been denied or not.


If I am fully underwritten, do I have to pay for my medicals?

If one's application is accepted after the medical tests and payment has been made by the insured, the cost of the medical tests will be covered by Unilife. This will; either by way of reimbursement direct to the insured, or an amount to the value of your medical costs, be discounted off your premium once off.


How do we handle claims?

We understand that the loss of a loved one is a truly devastating time, and we appreciate that dealing with administration and paperwork may seem to add to your difficulties. We want to help reduce the burden during this period. Therefore, Unilife commits to processing all admitted claims as speedily and sympathetically as we can. You can rely on our friendly and helpful service to ensure that all benefits may be paid promptly to avoid any distress to your nominated beneficiaries.


Who is the insurer?

The insurer is Guardrisk International, please follow the link to find out more. https://guardrisk.co.za/international/


Who is the reinsurer?

The reinsurer is SCOR, please follow the below link to find out more.